Rainforest Herbs reseller

Rainforest Herbs is a Malaysian company involved in the tongkat ali trade.

However, I have some serious doubts about their expertise, and because of that, also on the quality of whatever they sell.

Take, for example, one product, Rainforest Tongkat Ali Plus.

It is a mixed product.

Everybody who has read a few of my tongkat ali articles will know that I am opposed to products that mix tongkat ali on the part of the manufacturer.

The reason is that most herbs lower testosterone. Plants produce testosterone-lowering phytochemicals as anti-feedants. The evolutionary purpose of testosterone-lowering phytochemicals is to reduce the populations of animals that feed on plants.

Therefore, testosterone-raising pythochemicals are extremely rare, and the tongkat ali root really is an exception, quite possible an evolutionary accident.

So, anyway, Rainforest Herbs is one of those sources that stretch tongkat ali with other herbals.

And one of the herbals they use for stretching is licorice. Licorice?

The folks at Rainforest Herbs did not do their homework, or they simply don't understand tongkat ali.

Licorice has long been in the scientific and popular media for lowering testosterone. You can see some screenshots below.

In summary, Rainforest Herbs is definitely not a recommended supplier.